Lightact Manager is a small program dedicated to managing the correct operation of Lightact, uploading status reports to Lightact Cloud and other functions that cannot be performed by Lightact. You can download it for free here. In this article, we’ll go through all the steps of setting up Manager.

Lightact Manager GUI

Above you see the GUI of Lightact Manager. It has 4 sections:

  1. Tab section is where you can switch to various functionalities of Manager.
  2. The main section is where you can adjust the main functionalities.
  3. Logs area is where you can see what Manager is doing.
  4. Countdown area is where you can see how long before the next check of the correct operation of the installation. This frequency is automatically set to match Lightact’s Heartbeat interval setting that you can adjust in the Preferences window.

heartbeat interval

Installation Management

Installation management Manager

In the Installation tab, you can set if Manager should monitor whether Lightact and any other applications you specify are running properly. You do that by making sure that Installation should always be running checkbox is checked.

browse and use current button

You can set the Startup project by either using the Browse button or by clicking on Use current button. This will set the project that’s currently open in Lightact, as a Startup project. This means that if Manager detects Lightact is not running, it will automatically launch it and open the Startup project.

Lightact Manager can also manage 3rd party apps (for example, Unreal Engine games). To learn how to set this up head over to Managing 3rd Party Apps user guide.


installation monitoring

In the Monitoring tab, you can enable automatic status report uploading to Lightact Cloud. If you choose to do so, Lightact Manager will upload errors, warnings and user actions within 5 minutes after they occur. Regular status reports will be uploaded every 24 hours.

There are 3 textboxes you have to fill in: in the Username and Password, you should type in the username and password you use to log into Lightact Support page. In the Installation ID textbox, you have to fill in the ID of the installation in the Lightact Cloud database.

lightact cloud installation id

It is clearly displayed on Lightact Cloud main page.

After you’ve filled in all 3 text boxes click the Login button and if the details are correct you should see a confirmation in the Log overview section

If you don’t have Lightact Cloud username and password you can use demo ones. They are written in this user guide.


automatic system restarts

In the Schedules tab, you can enable daily or weekly system restarts. In the weekly option, you can set one or several days in a week when the restart will happen.


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