lightact cloud page

On Lightact Cloud page, you can see all your installations. In order to have access to this page, you need to have an account with the appropriate privileges. This will be done by Lightact staff once you purchase your first Pro server or a Pro software license.

For testing purposes, you can use demo credentials that will allow you to log into the Cloud where a Lightact Cloud Demo installation has been set up for you. The demo credentials are:

  • Username: LightactDemo
  • Password: YouaresoLA

When Lightact Cloud page opens you’ll see a list of your installations.

create new installation

You can create a new installation by clicking on Create New Installation.

create new installation form

In the Create New Installation page, you can enter the installation details. In the 3 checkboxes below you can choose to be notified via email if there are any User actions, Warnings or Errors. You will be notified to the same email address you used to create your account on Lightact Support site.

When you’ve entered everything, click Submit and your installation will appear on the main page.

If you click on the Installation name or on the reports you will see the status reports of the installation. Lightact Cloud stores roughly around 730 reports for each installation.


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