Lightact’s reliability and usability features rely on a separate software called Lightact Manager and on an online service called Lightact Cloud.

Lightact Manager

Lightact Manager is a small program that comes pre-installed on every Lightact server. It is dedicated to monitoring and managing unattended Lightact installations. It has 3 main functionalities:

  • It can ensure a project you select is always running. Lightact main program regularly sends status reports (aka ‘heartbeats’) to Lightact Manager and in case they stop coming, Lightact Manager restarts Lightact and opens and starts the selected project. You can also set up Lightact Manager to start automatically at system startup, which can be useful in case of a sudden power blackout or similar eventualities.
  • It can upload status reports to Lightact Cloud. If everything is working fine it will upload one status report every 24 hours with information about the Sequence that’s currently running, CPU and Memory usage and so on. If there are any warnings, errors or user actions, it will upload a report within 5 minutes after they occur.
  • Lightact Manager can also take care of scheduled system restarts which might also be useful sometimes.

Lightact Cloud

laptop laCloud 600px
Lightact Cloud is an online service available to Lightact Pro customers. You can access by clicking on Lightact cloud menu item at the top of this page (just left of Feedback). If you don’t see this item, it means you don’t have access to it.

In Lightact Cloud you can see all your installations and their status reports.


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