Step-by-step guides designed so that they give you a maximum understanding of Lightact in the smallest number of steps.

Articles: 4

Introduction to Lightact workflow and its graphical user interface.

Articles: 9

Detailed guides on using video screens in Lightact, various ways of bringing content on them and outputting their content to physical outputs.

Articles: 3

Introduction to Lightact’s Art-Net features allowing you to control DMX lighting fixtures directly.

Articles: 5

Lightact supports 2D as well as 3D projection mapping workflow. Discover how you can use both.

Articles: 4

A comprehensive explanation of Lightact’s powerful visual scripting system called Layer Layouts.

Articles: 12

Discover the various ways you can play videos, show images, create playlists and slideshows.

Articles: 6

Articles: 3

A guide into several computer vision nodes available in Lightact’s Layer Layouts system.

Articles: 5

A guide on integrating Lightact with Unreal Engine – the world’s best game and real-time rendering engine.

Articles: 5

Discover all the myriad ways Lightact can interact with other devices.

Articles: 11

Learn to create and use Lightact’s WebUIs – an intuitive web-based client-facing user-interfaces.

Articles: 8

Explore Lightact Manager and Lightact Cloud and learn how they can increase the reliability of your installations.

Articles: 3

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